Do nothing for nothing

Whatever you do, it’s worth something. Pay attention writers, every word you write holds value.

Ever hear this before: “Oh we just need a headline and some copy.”

First of all, it’s never just that. And usually, the person asking has no idea what goes into writing a headline and some copy. Well, fcuk you. It’s not that easy. While it may only take me an hour to come up with a quality message, what that person is asking for is my experience, my years of toil, my ability to craft sentences that captivate. Otherwise if that’s not the case, he/she is just in need of a warm body to bang on the keys, not me. Or you. What we do comes at a premium. If that doesn’t work for them, then don’t do work for them.

Think that’s harsh? Listen to what Harlan Ellison thinks about the subject.

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