I’m 39

Happy Birthday Chad Schomber
Happy Birthday
Chad Schomber

Another year in the books. 39 is neither young nor old. Kind of right there in the middle, neutral. But let’s see if 39 has any meaning or significance:

• In the title of the John Buchan novel and subsequent films (one by Alfred Hitchcock), The Thirty-Nine Steps
• “39” is a song by The Cure on their album “Bloodflowers”
• “39” is a song by Tenacious D on their album “Rize of the Fenix”
• ’39” is a track on Queen’s album A Night At the Opera.
• The retired jersey number of former baseball player Roy Campanella
• The book series “The 39 Clues” revolves around 39 clues hidden around the world.
• Glorious 39 is a 2009 drama film set at the beginning of World War II
• In the CBS reality show Survivor, contestants compete for 39 days.

• The number of signers to the United States Constitution, out of 55 members of the Philadelphia Convention delegates
• The traditional number of times citizens of Ancient Rome hit their slaves when beating them, referred to as “Forty save one”
• The duration, in nanoseconds, of the nuclear reaction in the largest nuclear explosion ever performed (Tsar bomb)
• The number of Scud missiles which Iraq fired at Israel during the Gulf War in 1991

• The code for international direct-dialed phone calls to Italy
• I-39 is the designation for a US interstate highway from Normal, Illinois to Wausau, Wisconsin. I-39 is the 39th shortest of the primary “two digit” Interstates.
• Japanese Internet chat slang for “thank you” when written with numbers (3=san 9=kyu)
• Pier 39 in San Francisco
• The number of the French department Jura
• In Afghanistan, the number 39 is considered unlucky, due to the belief that it is associated with pimps.

Let me know of any other “39” references. Or wish me happy birthday on Twitter.


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