Copywriter say:

Welcome to my collection of confucius-like thoughts & wisdom, written in 140 characters or less. Follow me on Twitter @chadschomber to be the first to read the latest.

In no particular order:

Copywriter say: like when the tail wags the dog, watch for when your sentences wag the words.

Copywriter say: avoid men in penny loafers. They’re always ready to kick in their 2 cents.

Copywriter say: I’m certain using “surer” is a foolpoof way of sounding like an doofus. #guaranteed

Copywriter say: massage the message for a happy ending.

Copywriter Say: subtract those adverbs. Less is more.

Copywriter Say: insight is the ah-ha!, ideas are the wow!, and good copy gets the reader to say uh-huh.

Copywriter say: one wrong word can spoil/soil your copy. Some times one letter.

Copywriter say: when Monday kicks you in the nuts, make peanut butter.

Copywriter say: adjectives are visual, verbs are active. Heed my warning before your copy bursts into raging flames of suck.

Copywriter say: warm up your brain before you squeeze it.

Copywriter say: you don’t eat where you poop. So don’t proof where you write.

Copywriter say: Big ideas require thought not technology. Mind-numbing, knowledge-squeezing thought. That’s it.

Copywriter say: a semicolon is a wink to the reader the next sentence is weak.

Copywriter say: writing is difficult because what you say needs to be simple.

Copywriter say: bullets are like Post-its. Keep your message short and to the point.

Copywriter say: don’t let your writing become Rube Goldbergesque

Copywriter say: brainstorming in a conference room is like being stuck in a roundabout.

Copywriter say: client copy edits are like razor blades. Don’t let your copy die from a 1000 tiny cuts.

Copywriter Say: writing copy is like washing your hair. Write. Rinse. Repeat.

Copywriter Say: learn from failing. But don’t fail so often that people notice. That’s job security.

Copywriter say: copy is doomed to be either cut, killed or frankensteined. Hope for cut. Beg for killed over frankensteined.

Copywriter say: when it comes to concepts, don’t let the AE put ketchup on your steak. Seriously, slap their hand.

Copywriter say: a blank page is like a blank check. Not worth squat until you fill it in.

Copywriter say: trees believe in reincarnation. We should respect that.

Copywriter say: you hire me for my skills, but you pay me for my time. belch.

Copywriter say: chit chat is small talk without the awkwardness.

Copywriter say: loosen up. Even God took a day off!

Copywriter say: recycle, reuse and reduce your words.

Copywriter say: Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t be mean when you say it.

Copywriter say: life is like a box of condoms. It’s full of hope and anticipation.

Copywriter say : copy that rhymes works sometimes, but don’t make it a habit silly rabbit.

Copywriter say: is the glass half full/half empty when it’s smashed on the floor?

Copywriter say: advertising is nothing more than a conversation btwn strangers who want 2 be friends but can never find enough time 2gether

Copywriter say: no one reads copy all the time. But all the time someone is reading it.

Copywriter say: ideas are like farts. Most stink, but some just knock people out.

Copywriter say: proof before your job goes poof!

Copywriter say: read what you wrote after you write it and before others have a chance to notice it doesn’t read like it should. Make sense?

Copywriter say: punctuation is seldom overused and under appreciated—on the other hand, it does, if you’ve ever noticed, mess with the flow.

Copywriter say: why write two words when one word says more?


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