My Novel

Hi. I’m writing a book. Not just any book. A living, breathing book for the social/digital world — Internet, iPhone, iPad, Twitter, Foursquare and on and on.

That means I’m looking to you for help. I will be crowdsourcing different parts of my book — character names, bios, locations, etc. In effect you’ll be getting behind the scene peeks at the development of my story. Cool, right?

As I get further along, I will be releasing snippets, updates and chapters for FREE. But you have to follow me on Twitter to be in the know. I have lots of surprises in store.

Here’s a short synopsis:

The world isn’t always what it seems. And for frustrated ad guy, Escher Killeen, his world is about to end if he doesn’t figure out the connection between a box of junk, a youtube video and a mysterious banker.

Be sure to check back here to see the latest crowdsource polls and opportunities for you to participate in my book.

Thank you in advance. This is gonna be fun.


P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if you tell your friends, family and strangers about my venture.


2 thoughts on “My Novel

  1. Hey Chad!

    How’s the writing going? I still remember lines from your book. “Tic, toc, Escher, tic toc.” And something better not being about the fucking bagels 🙂

    I hope you’re still working on it. A little bit every day. No heroism. Just not letting it slip out of the fucking bagel box.

    Auctorial greetings from Cecile, who misses Madison & would love to have a part-time job at Paul’s Bookshop & write at night/at dawn/at will/at random.


  2. Hey Cecile!

    Yes, I’m cruising along. I have a few more one liners in there that you’ll love. 🙂 But I really need to buckle down and get larger chunks down. I spent the last few weeks doing character profiles and weaving the plot. How’s your book going? Keep me posted.

    take care…

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