Find your rhythm

Being creative is easy. I’m creative all the time. But something happens when I need to apply my creativity to a specific project with specific messages, goals, etc. It’s like my creativity neurons (the free-spirit party guys) suddenly become A-type personalities and decide to wear ties to work—smug, dapper-looking power ties.

Cue the music. A solid playlist during these neuron meltdowns can shake things up. In fact, maintaining some sort of “rhythm” (literally and figuratively) to your personal creative process will keep your neurons marinated and feeling good. Here’s what I do.

It’s the three-step cha-cha-cha: stretch, surge, siesta.

At this stage you’re just trying to get enough juice to the ol’ noggin. Failure to do so will result in “vanilla” ideas. So scan the internet, magazines, TV, whatever to collect a variety of stuff. Then let your brain connect the dots while you enjoy some caffeine (Do the Dew) and some groovy, low-key mellow jams.

This is when I crank up the tunes. The goal is to boil the juice. No big idea has ever bubbled out of lukewarm juice. So create a playlist that can thump your heart into frenzy. Now you’re ready to skim through your creative brief, review notes, scratch and scribble, whatever you do… just do it! And don’t stop until either the music sours or your heart clunks out.

You should be twitching at this point. Good. Now just walk it off. Go shop around in the supply cabinet. It’s the unofficial time capsule for office supplies. I just scored some real gems… typewriter ribbon, floppy disks and fossilized rubber cement. Sweet.

So from start to finish, the three-step cha-cha-cha should take 15 minutes. The rest of the day is full of meetings, emails and phone banter. If you’re lucky, you can work in a couple cha-cha-cha’s per day.

Share your “rhythm” routine.



Everyone loves vanilla…

… Until they try blue moon gumball surprise with rainbow sprinkles.

The world is full of “vanilla” ideas. As a creative in the create-on-demand world, I’ve served up bowls and bowls of vanilla. I thought, my boss thought, the client thought these blaaaaaah ideas were so great. Wrong! I’m shooting for rainbow sprinkles.

That’s the focus of this blog… rants and ramblings about the creative process, big ideas and funny life stories. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to a place where my work is not vanilla. And I encourage you to post your “vanilla” stories and how you would make them better than vanilla.

Thanks for your time. Watch for new stuff soon.