From leading “big idea” brainstorms to managing “where should the comma go” details, Chad is your one-stop shop. His background in traditional media – combined with a passion for new media – gives him a unique perspective on the creative process. I enjoyed partnering with Chad on many projects including client pitches which played a large role in landing major national accounts.

Eric Gohs, Sr. Manager Online Campaigns + Social Media // Lands’ End

Chad is a wordsmith extraordinaire — in fact, I’m wishing I could ask him to write this! His copy is fresh, accessible and always strikes the right note, whether that be light-hearted, technical, strictly corporate in tone, or anything in between. His versatility is combined with a work ethic that allows you to rest assured that your writing project is being given the utmost care and consideration.  Writing doesn’t leave his hands until he’s satisfied, and you couldn’t ask for a better advocate of quality copywriting than Chad.

Jeanette Pham, Vice President // sōsh

We hired Chad to work on a fairly complicated project for us.  It involved several of our staff, as well as partner staff in both state and federal government.  Add to that, we had a fairly tight deadline to get the project done and we were worried that we would find someone who could complete the project for us.  I contacted Chad, we had a meeting set up within a day and the project went off without a hitch.  The smooth completion of the project was largely due to Chad’s work on it!  We hope to work with him for future projects.

Rebecca Hildebrandt, Director of Development // Ice Age Trail Alliance

“Chad, we need five headline options for this sales presentation. Then write up a proposal that shows how we are a great fit with the hospitality industry. Where are you at with holiday cover lines?”

Want the best from Chad? Give him the parameters of your project, share the audience information and let him go to work. Wildly conceptual when it counts, equally direct, hard selling if that’s what you need. But just so you know, the guy loves to talk with his hands (maintain a safe distance). It was a lot of fun working across the aisle from him for a few years. Feel just as lucky to be able to pick up the phone and ask, “so how does this sound…” knowing I’ll get an honest answer.

Kris Spurley, Copy Manager // Lands’ End Business Outfitters


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