Mmmmm, Donuts

I. LOVE. DONUTS. Maybe it’s because when I was growing up, I lived four blocks away from a bakery. My dad would send my brother and me there at 5:30 a.m. to get hot fresh donuts. 5:30 a.m.! The bakery didn’t even open until 6. But my dad knew eating the very first donut was something special. And it was. Still is.

Now when it comes to advertising, donuts are like big ideas. Let me illustrate:



A big idea is tempting and hard to resist like a donut. So let’s play this metaphor out. A consumer sees a big idea, is tempted by that big idea and ultimately gives into your big idea — hey, it’s just human nature.

What about the client-supplied must-have stuff? You know, the chest-thumping info executives demand be in the campaign? D’oh! Well, you can’t have a donut without a hole, right? (If it doesn’t have a hole, it’s not a donut in my book.) So good creatives find a way to hide the boring stuff in plain sight — the donut hole.

For the consumer, that hole is a small price to pay for indulging on the big idea — assuming they even notice it. But here’s the kicker. In order for Joe Schmoe to enjoy a donut (the big idea), he must consume the hole, too. Yep, that little bit of nothing is something. This is the metaphysical/philosophical part of my metaphor. To wrap your head around the existence of nothingness, read Jean-Paul Sarte.

So even if Joe partakes in just a portion of the big idea, he walks away with at least some of the middle (the hole, full of the must-haves). The trick is to strategically put those big ideas wherever Joe is going to be — using traditional & social media solutions. Because big ideas are like donuts. And since donuts are irresistible, everyone wins — you, Joe, the executives. Yay!

Time to make the donuts.



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I plan to experiment with a static holiday image and add in snow animation with a camera rig to fly through the scene/snow. Check back to see the results.